A newfound confidence during interviews

handshakeThe upcoming summer is crucial to many juniors hoping to secure corporate internships before their senior year. I‘m feeling the pressure, that’s for sure. The internship application and recruitment processes are extremely daunting. Thousands of qualified applicants are out there, many of whom might appear exactly like you on paper. The make-it-or-break-it moments usually occur during the interviews.

In the UBE online business certificate, the business communication module outlined the best business practices when contacting and communicating with professionals. I’m in the process of searching and interviewing for various summer internship opportunities. While initially applying, I felt more confident filling out applications, creating my cover letters and scheduling interviews. And in the few interviews I have done in recent weeks, my newfound business knowledge gave me the ability to use business jargon in a professional manner.

I am now interviewing at a better level than I ever have before. So far, many of my interviews have been with large corporations and fellowship programs. I’m optimistic because I’ve had the confidence to enter the professional exchange with a familiarity with corporate terminology.

A general overview of business education has proven important to potential employers. Many interviewers have asked me about the UNC Business Essentials certificate. They were visibly impressed when I informed them of the set-up and range of topics covered by the program. I also explained that the UBE program gave me the critical business skills that can be applied in any industry. As an advertising major, I know I’ll continue to put all my new knowledge to good use.

Referencing the UNC Business Essentials program has helped me during multiple interviews so far and ultimately gave me the knowledge needed to stand out (hopefully). I definitely believe the program will be fundamental during my summer internship search in the next few months. I will enter interviews with the extra confidence, knowledge, and skills necessary to succeed.

By Isabella Courtenay-Morris (BA ’19)