A recently transitioned veteran

Jacob Hinton

Jacob Hinton

In today’s workforce, it is imperative to know your way around key business concepts and business lingo – but the military doesn’t exactly provide that for service members. Luckily, with its flexible and self-paced program, UNC Business Essentials online business certificate program can provide a solid foundation for transitioning service members and ensure they are always ready for the next life objective. Whether you are still in the military, recently transitioned out of your service or on your way to completing your degree, this business certificate can prepare you for the corporate world and raise you a step above your competition.

As a recently-transitioned veteran myself, I found it challenging to insert myself into business conversations when terms like “flow chart” or “B2B sales” came up. However, after completing the online business program that UBE offers through the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School, I have the confidence to relate to any business audience. Having the business knowledge this program provides, accompanied with my prior military service, greatly sets me apart from my peers and I could not be more pleased.

With the online certificate’s flexible schedule, I was able to spend just an hour a day on it and complete it in just a couple of months. It doesn’t matter if you are at home, on post, down range or at school – the easy online portal was accessible anywhere I wanted to study. Also, if I had training or an assignment that required a couple of days out of my time, the online portal saved where I was and let me pick up where I left off.

I would recommend the UBE online business certificate to any veteran that is looking to advance their business understanding. It is one of the most flexible and comprehensive programs I have seen. It really taught me the fundamentals of the business trade and has set me up for exploring the business world, whether that is in a corporate environment or one of my own entrepreneurial ventures.

By Jacob Hinton5

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