A veteran seeking corporate employment


Jacob Hinton

After serving 5 years as a Forward Observer in the United States Army, I found myself extremely confident and ready to conquer any goal I set before myself.  I transitioned out of the military and into school where I excelled above my peers because I had the focus and drive that most others did not.  It wasn’t until my last year of school that I realized I was lacking something extremely valuable in today’s environment: business knowledge.

As a veteran seeking corporate employment after finishing my degree, I sought out military-friendly employers that eagerly want to hire high-speed veterans to join their ranks. However, when I went to an in-person interview with one of the best-known military-friendly employers out there, I realized that I wasn’t fully prepared for that next transition.  They asked about operations, working capital, and amortization, which I had not studied in my Political Science track.  I was very disheartened to realize that although I had worked hard and was succeeding in school, that I was not ready to enter the business world. But then I learned of the UNC Business Essentials program.

UBE’s online business certificate taught me all about the fundamentals of business, from accounting and operations management to business communication and marketing. Its flexible and 100%-online format really enabled me to complete it on my own schedule and work around my other life obligations such as school and family.  After completing the certificate in just a few short months, I was ready to go to my next interview.  When they asked about work flow and working capital this time, I was ready with an answer.  The business knowledge and understanding the online business certificate gave me really set me aside from the other candidates.

If you’re looking to gain more business knowledge, an edge to have over your peers, or the confidence to ace an interview, I highly recommend the online UNC Business Essential Certificate.  It enables veterans like me to become fully marketable in today’s workforce, and you can complete it while you’re in school, down range, or launching your own venture.

By Jacob Hinton

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