Benefits of Business Essentials

Sanem Kabaca

Sanem Kabaca

The UNC Business Essentials program has been a perfect complement to my economics and public policy double major.

After completing the program, I feel like I have a fresh perspective on things I would not have previously noticed. For one, marketing techniques line up perfectly with the lectures and lessons on the marketing module. Going through the program has made it so much easier to identify the different tactics and techniques marketers use to sell their products to their desired audiences. The UBE video lecturer joked about just that, but he was completely right.

Additionally, each module of the program has taught me this vocabulary that I had always heard but never really taken the time to seek out information on. From news channels to the finance sections of newspapers, I had always understood the economic impacts of various policies. But what has been great is seeing and understanding how these various things affect the business world in their own terms. Being able to understand the terms and iron out all of the acronyms has been a huge benefit.

Overall, I feel like UBE will give me this solid foundation and a leg up on others that have no sort of business background at all. In today’s economy, I think it’s things like this that will really give me a push on the competition from being just another applicant in the pool to one that has taken the time to thoroughly understand the inner workings of the business world.

By Sanem Kabaca

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