Detailed concepts helpful in real-world situations

Katelyn Blanchard


When I first heard of the Business Essentials program, I assumed that it would be a very basic overview of business concepts, something that would give me a small taste of business courses. It seemed like a good program (UNC Kenan-Flagler is in the top 20 business schools in the country), but I was somewhat skeptical about the depth of the content of the program and what I would practical skills I would gain. However, once I began the program, I began to see how detailed and relevant this program was. It covered detailed information about marketing, developing and maintaining good communications skills, finance accounting (which was the main draw for me), and many other business-relevant topics. My career goals center on working for non-profit organizations which, contrary to popular belief, still have to take care of their finances in order to be successful.

Being able to understand a spreadsheet of revenues and expenses and keep track of money going in and out is a skill set that is highly valued by employers and something that was essential to my success this past summer. I was asked to work on some audits with my summer internship and I felt equipped to do so because of the skills that I had gained from the Business Essentials program.

What was nice about the program was the fact that I was able to set the pace for the program and work through it at the pace that was good for me. With an internship in Durham and volunteer work in Chapel Hill this summer, it was nice to be able to do the work as regularly or irregularly as my schedule required. Also, with only one real due date (the end date for the program), I didn’t feel that there was this constant fear of missing homework or tests. I did the work at times that worked well for me and felt that I was able to make the most of my time with this program as well as with my other obligations. All in all, it was a great fit for me and I am hoping it will give me a competitive edge as I begin looking for real-world, full time employment.

By Katelyn Blanchard