Flexibility that fits any lifestyle

Alex Puszczynski (UNC '16)

Alex Puszczynski (UNC ’16)

Like most students at UNC, I have an overload of school work and extracurricular activities on my plate constantly. Time is my most valued necessity. UNC Business Essentials was the perfect fit for me, a non-business major wanting to gain exposure and knowledge in the business field.

One of the most appealing aspects of this program was the flexibility it offered students. Not only was I able to complete the program within four months on my own time, but I was also able to finish the program while maintaining a part-time job at a law firm over the summer months. Since I did have a large obligation this summer, I was concerned that I would not have enough time to complete the program and thoroughly grasp the knowledge the program offered, but I was wrong. I set goals for myself each week and if I did not reach my goal, I knew I would have to work more at a later time to complete each unit.

Since the program offered easy online access, I was able to work on it at any point in the day for however long I wanted to each time. Some days I would only have 30 minutes to an hour of free time, and with easy sign in and start/stop access in each activity, I never felt pressured or rushed. The flexibility of the program also allowed me to go back to a previous unit I had already completed to review a concept I did not understand or complete the units in any random order. For example, since I am not particularly good at economics, I was able to skip over the economics section and work on another unit before completing economics.

Most students who complete UNC Business Essentials programs are involved in many extracurricular activities, maintain a heavy course load and are usually non-business majors, so flexibility of the program allows them to understand and learn business concepts while having time for everything else. While it seems that obtaining an online business certificate this summer would have been difficult to do with so much on my plate, the program’s availability allowed me to accomplish one of my summer goals and become knowledgeable about key business concepts.

By Alex Puszczynski (UNC ’16)