From direction to versatility

Kirsten Stevenson

Kirsten Stevenson

I have had a unique academic path in the sense that I have struggled with discovering where my passions lie and how to direct those passions into a major, and eventually a career. I viewed the UNC Business Essentials (UBE) program as a way to find direction with my studies.

I enrolled in UBE at the end of my semester abroad in Spain, which was a perfect time because the flexibly of the online modules fit into my schedule. Throughout the course, I appreciated the real-world applications that the program constantly offered to me. The six different modules gave a very great overview of the aspects of business and instilled a new confidence in me to be able to understand conversations and media within the context of business.

I entered the program hoping to find direction that could answer questions such as whether or not pursuing a career in business would be right for me. However, as I moved away from the idea of pursuing an MBA or a full-time business position, I quickly discovered the versatility of the UBE program. After studying abroad in Spain and working with various English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, I have decided to pursue a degree in bilingual speech pathology. As I look forward to this new career choice, I am still thankful for the applications that UBE will have for me, as I could possibly open my own practice with the building block knowledge of how business works.

By Kirsten Stevenson

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