UBE: More than an extra line

Katie Yost

Katie Yost

Before deciding to enroll in UNC Business Essentials, my friends were eager to recommend the program and promised it would be a great addition to a resume. I knew an online business certificate from UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School would be a valuable learning experience, but I was happy to find that this program offers so much more than an extra line on a resume. So what are a few things I learned while completing the six modules?

With UNC Business Essentials, studying business does not have to be overwhelming and it doesn’t have to be boring either. Yes, the program is filled with numbers, spreadsheets and quite a few buzzwords, but it is designed with non-business majors in mind.

Built to supplement your degree, the program gave me a chance to learn new skills in a practical way. Through interactive activities, the program presented the material in an interesting way and the frequent quizzes helped me check my progress along the way. Initially, learning new material online without a classroom can seem challenging, but I was happy to find that online learning really is manageable. The flexibility of working at my own pace meant I could take more time to focus on the topics I found more difficult and was able to work through more familiar content with ease.

Finally, I learned that companies really value the coursework. Not only does UNC Business Essentials give you skills that companies look for, but it also shows your potential employer that you’re determined and thoughtful enough to invest time in making yourself a more valuable employee.

By Katie Yost

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