Ready to Tackle Social Injustice


Chex Yu

For people who are very invested in the field of social justice, activism or development, business might seem a rather foreign concept at first. At least that was the case for me. I have a strong interest in social innovation and international development and worked experienced this field from multiple perspectives – on the grassroots level, at academic research institutions and multilateral development agencies. The more I engage with this field, the more I realize the importance of business skills, which is beneficial in almost any profession and definitely not restricted to the business world. This is the primary reason that I decided to enroll with the UBE program.

I completed the course this past summer when I also had a full-time internship. The program is very flexible and as long as consistent work is put into it on a regular basis, it is completely manageable even with a busy schedule. I found the marketing and financial modules of the program especially useful. Now, I am comfortable reading financial statements, which is a useful skill that will come handy even if I work with a non-profit. In fact, people with such skills are rather rare in these field and they will be indispensable.

By Chex Yu