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Sallie King

Sallie King

While I love double majoring in advertising and political science, I felt that my ability to understand basic business concepts could be better. In an effort to hone my business and communication skills, I decided to take UNC Business Essentials.

After researching the course, I felt it would do the best job in providing me with a better understanding of business practices and how those principles affect all aspects of my life. I liked how the program offered complete flexibility, which was a big requirement for me as I already had a full course load during the school year and wanted to take it over the course of my summer. In addition, I had taken some intro to marketing and economics courses, and after taking the UBE, I  found that it complemented them well, reviewing information and providing new ideas and concepts.

UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School is a world renowned and highly respected educational institution. Not only do high caliber faculty members teach the courses, but there are also tutors available and ready to answer any questions.

I believe UBE is a valuable program that I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to either brush up on his or her business skills or learn them for the first time. As I apply for jobs, I have found that since taking the course, I am now more open to a wider variety of careers. UBE has a lot to offer through its six modules, and I hope more people take advantage of it!

By Sallie King

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