UBE: Always catches the interviewer’s eye

Lauren Sutton

Lauren Sutton

As a graduating senior who is looking at various job openings and preparing to enter the “real world,” I have started to find out which things on my resume are beneficial and which tend to be overlooked. As someone who is interested in a variety of different job fields – including clinical research, ecology, product marketing and religion journalism – I have been concerned that my extracurricular and job experiences thus far wouldn’t be applicable in multiple areas. For example, when applying to research positions, employers take note of my science background, whereas my social media management experience takes precedent in interviews for marketing jobs.

Throughout my job search, regardless of the type of position, there’s one thing on my resume that always catches the interviewer’s eye: the online business certificate I obtained through UNC Kenan-Flagler’s UNC Business Essentials course. When asked about it, I explain that the program taught me the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship, including finance, operations and communications – things that you don’t normally learn with a degree in biology.

This always impresses the interviewer or mentor. This is for a number of reasons: first, the skills learned through the UBE program are invaluable in any job field. Whether you work in the sciences, the humanities or in service jobs, an entrepreneurial spirit is one that is contagious. The ability to communicate well and work on a team is something that will carry you far in any environment.

Participation in the UBE program also shows dedication and a passion for learning. It demonstrates that a candidate is willing to take the initiative to improve himself or herself and to become more well-rounded. That kind of drive is one that will translate to success in the workplace. And finally, any certification that comes from UNC is one that is impressive!

I’ve been very thankful for the UNC Business Essentials program in my job and internship search. The skills I learned through the course will undoubtedly be beneficial for years to come and will serve as a great foundation to build upon.

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By Lauren Sutton