UBE: An excellent surprise

Amanda McClung

Amanda McClung

I gained much more than I expected from the UNC Business Essentials program. Before starting the online business certificate program, I assumed I would get a simplified overview of a few business topics made for someone who knew nothing about business. It is a business program for non-business major after all, so how in depth could it really be?

I was hoping it would at least get my foot in the door so I wouldn’t be completely lost in the business world. As soon as I started the online classes, I realized it was going to be so much more rewarding than I could have imagined.

Being a biology major, I have always been very wrapped up in the science world and never knew much about business, economics or government. Through the UNC Business Essentials program, I learned that I actually like these subjects!

The online format is engaging and easy to follow so that you learn all kinds of new things without feeling overwhelmed. The accounting section was particularly impressive to me. Knowing someone in the Master of Accounting program at UNC, I had the chance to compare the UBE curriculum to the business school curriculum. To my surprise, we happened to be learning the same things at the same time.  I used to have absolutely no knowledge of accounting but now I can talk about the difference between cash and accrual methods of accounting, how debits and credits work, and different financial statements such as balance sheets, statement of cash flows and income statements.

To me, the Business Essentials program did not feel like just another class. Not only did I learn new information that will help me for years to come, I also learned business management skills that can help me develop my career and become an effective leader in the future. The UNC Business Essentials program was definitely worthwhile for me.

By Amanda McClung

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