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UBE: Changing horizons

Kelly Reiter

Kelly Reiter

An online business certificate is as good as the curriculum and support it provides. The UNC Business Essentials program comes with the longstanding excellence and tutelage of the prestigious UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.

The material was clear and relevant to current business happenings. The staff was available and responsive. But for me, the flexibility was golden! Working from the West Coast acting, singing and modeling left me with only non-traditional hours, during which I completed my coursework. It was a refreshing change from my daytime work, and I have been continually surprised by how often these teachings have been useful to me.

As an entertainer, I am essentially my own small business. I negotiate rates, I subcontract work and I constantly evaluate jobs from a business standpoint. I market myself to potential directors daily, and I draw upon the teachings of the program on a regular basis. The role in which I am currently cast combines my business knowledge with my familiarity of entertainment; I will be budgeting, marketing, negotiating and communicating a series of high-profile events as the assistant of someone I truly respect and admire.

All fields require an understanding of the business basics. Each person is running a small business in their own personal financial world. Understanding the workings of the business world from a macro and micro perspective gives that individual an edge when it comes to career planning, budgeting and even making major purchases.

I recently used the skills gained in UBE to change my position from being subcontracted to one of being a middleman for additional employees, with a percentage cut to me. In the expensive area I am currently living and working in, being able to identify the need of the business and fill it with a profit made the difference between me having a questionable area to sleep at night and a beautiful one. That was definitely worth every minute spent studying this summer! The picture above was taken within walking distance from my new place, in an area I feel safe and absolutely love!

I can’t thank the UNC Business Essentials program enough for giving me the foundation I now use regularly, and for giving me another reason to be so proud to be a Tar Heel!

Thank you, UNC!

By Kelly Reiter

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