UBE: Learning business communication skills

Alex Puszczynski (UNC '16)

Alex Puszczynski (UNC ’16)

The UNC Business Essentials program has been more than beneficial in my every day life, and its impact played an especially important role in my search for an internship geared toward my future profession.

As I searched for different positions within my field of study, one thing stood out to me: The skills I learned from the UBE program thoroughly assisted me in my internship search and even made the process much easier. Several sections in the UBE program, like the business communication section, provided me with the business skills necessary to contact, email and communicate with employers in a professional tone.

Before obtaining these skills, I was less confident in the way I reached out and spoke to employers about internships. Now, I feel that I have the same amount of business communication skills that students majoring in business also have. These skills not only put me at an advantage, but also thoroughly impressed employers and helped me to be considered for several internship positions. Applying for internships and jobs in the future is no longer an added stress because I know how to properly fill out applications, create cover letters and communicate with employers in a professional manner.

One added benefit of the UBE program is that I can include my online business certificate on my resume. Many employers have asked me about the UNC Business Essentials certificate in interviews and thought the UBE program is a great distinction to have.

By Alex Puszczynski (UNC ’16)

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