UBE: No longer at a disadvantage

Shawn Dua

Shawn Dua

Before completing the UNC Business Essentials program, I did not know anything about the business world. I always felt like I was at a disadvantage when I attended career fairs and did not have any business background.

When I stumbled upon the Business Essentials program, I was thrilled to find out that it was not too late to learn business jargon! The Business Essentials program was a great way for me to learn the fundamentals of business at my own pace and on my own time. I completed the program over the summer in addition to taking summer classes and being a summer resident advisor. I was even able to work on the program during my spare time between flights and in the hotel while on my vacation.

The activities, quizzes and discussion boards for each section were incredibly helpful in making sure I understood the key points and allowing me to apply the concepts, as well as providing real-world examples to further my understanding. The tutors were also helpful in providing feedback to my discussion board responses and answering any questions I had about the material promptly, enabling me to do well on the final exam of each module. My favorite module in the program was business operations, which included detailed videos of how Kenan Stadium is operated and managed before, during and after home football games.

No matter what you obtain your degree in, I believe understanding fundamental business jargon is essential for every career. I am incredibly thankful to have gained this knowledge from the UNC Business Essentials program.

By Shawn Dua

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