UBE: The ultimate resume builder

Lauren Sutton

Lauren Sutton

As a student who is aiming to do big things after graduation, I’ve spent most of my undergraduate career working hard and trying to gain as much experience as possible. I’ve completed multiple internships and volunteer opportunities in an attempt to make myself a well-rounded applicant in the job market. But amidst all of the extracurricular activities and achievements listed on my resume, the UNC Business Essentials certification has definitely been a stand out.

While I’m still on the search for jobs and/or internships for after graduation, I’ve been speaking to many of my mentors and teachers to see what advice they have to offer. They’ve all gone through the application process and know what is beneficial. When speaking to my research liaison, he asked what experiences I’ve had that would demonstrate professionalism and skill. When I told him about the online business certificate I received from the UBE program, he was impressed and assured me that it would be incredibly valuable in a research setting. I had the same experience when speaking with my boss, who works in the Internet marketing field. The UBE certification has been a determining factor in obtaining freelance writing jobs and social media management positions.

The UNC Business Essentials program has been beneficial in my undergraduate career, and I am confident that it will be impactful in my post-graduate adventures as well. Since my completion of the program, the certification has been a jumping-off point for many different conversations and opportunities as it demonstrates an understanding in business, knowledge in working with people of diverse backgrounds, the quality of being well-rounded, and dedication to complete something outside of the required curriculum. It is definitely one of the most valuable things on my resume!

By Lauren Sutton 

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