A lesson in transitions

Elizabeth Hawryluk

Elizabeth Hawryluk

After nine months of being away from the University while interning with Amnesty International in Washington, D.C. through the Burch Washington Seminar program and traveling throughout Asia while studying Chinese foreign policy in Hong Kong, coming back to Carolina was a transition for certain.

However, the Business Essentials program, an online initiative created by UNC Kenan-Flagler to give non-business major undergrads an opportunity to gain a topical grasp on a plethora of business issues, was a wonderful transition between the two.

With an emphasis on a tangible skill set, the flexibility of the UBE program allowed me to become an ambassador and complete the program, despite intermittent Internet access and the epitome of an erratic schedule.

In return, when I entered an introductory Economics class this fall to the line of: “What are your opportunity costs of being here?” my reaction did not parallel those of many of my puzzled peers. Rather, it was one of confidence as a result of the UBE program.

Additionally, as undergrads face the ever-daunting horizon of applying for post-graduate opportunities, fellowships and job opportunities, the support of UNC Kenan-Flagler and the UBE program is invaluable – not only in preparing you for this process, but serving as a support structure and foundation of guidance.

Just as UBE helped me in my return from the professional to academic world by imparting invaluable skills, it will facilitate this transition for undergrads as they seek the next steps in their lives.

By Elizabeth Hawryluk

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