A much different summer

Emily Chalk (UNC '16)

Emily Chalk (UNC ’16)

The summer after sophomore year I realized that landing an internship was not as simple as I had hoped. This was mainly because I struggled to find one that I felt I was a good fit for or had the necessary experience for.

Countless hours were spent searching through websites of potential internships. A company’s name would usually grab my attention, and once making it to the description of the internship, I would feel uneasy about applying. Many of the positions I found that I would be interested in would not explicitly have my major in the “what we are looking for” section. Applications take time, and I did not want to put in that time to jobs that I had little to no chance of getting.

My experience this summer was much different. Seeing that an internship description did not have my major in it was no longer as big of a threat. I knew that my knowledge from completing the UBE online business certificate program from UNC Kenan-Flagler would help to make me seem a well-rounded applicant. My confidence level, being an economics major applying to a position like supply chain management, went up dramatically. Economics usually is associated with business sector jobs, but I would be quick to shy away from the ones that only listed business majors in what they were looking for.

I felt that I now had the background knowledge to be applicable to a wider range of jobs. I would usually say this in interviews to their questions about the program. The UNC Business Essentials program is always asked about in interviews.  Having the UNC Kenan-Flagler name written in front of it on my resume is always something employers are excited to see and want to know more about. They always seem impressed that I took the initiative to take a program outside of just my undergraduate degrees and majors.

By Emily Chalk (UNC ’16)

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