Advertising the skills for the future


Barbrianna Adams

I stumbled upon UNC Business Essentials (UBE) by complete chance. As I was scrolling through my email one day, UBE was offering a chance to be an ambassador for their program in exchange for a scholarship to complete their online business certificate course. This opportunity seemed like a good way for me to stay on track as I was trying to fulfill my majors in both advertising and communications studies.

As a freshman, I knew that I had a deep interest for the advertising profession due to my love for design. However, I was completely ignorant of the marketing aspect of the field, which I felt was crucial to be a contender in such a popular field. With UBE, I was able to gain knowledge that I would need to target certain audiences, to appeal to consumers’ needs and to be able to understand market analysis. These essentials of marketing will help me stand out as I embark in my future career.

Once I arrived back to campus this fall, I began to take JOMC 137 (Principles of Advertising and Public Relations). One of the initial topics that we covered was the marketing mix (also referred to as “the 4 Ps of marketing”), which was the core of a unit in the UBE program. This program will elevate me in both the classroom and workplace.

I aspire to be an advertising and promotions manager, and now that I have completed this online business certificate course, I will have a certain edge that will elevate me to compete against others in the advertising field.

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By Barbrianna Adams