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Maggie Conner

Maggie Conner

The thought of graduating college and having to become part of the real world is terrifying for most students. On top of the worries about navigating life on our own, my generation is faced with another stressor: how are we going to get a job?We are constantly bombarded with horror stories of college graduates who were forced to move back in with their parents and work at fast food restaurants just to make ends meet. I always thought a college degree was a “golden ticket” of sorts that guaranteed a well-paid job and an independent lifestyle upon graduation. But in this economy, and with so many people attending college, a bachelor’s degree isn’t as powerful as it once was.

I want to be a free spirit after I graduate, so burdening my parents with my unemployment is not an appealing prospect. Beefing up my resume and increasing my human capital is number one on my priority list, which is why I chose to take the UNC Business Essentials course. As an environmental studies major, I wasn’t getting any business knowledge through my classes. I think everyone needs a good understanding of business, especially the financial aspect and how to communicate properly in the business world.

Business Essentials taught me valuable knowledge of business etiquette, operations, and finance. I feel like I have a little better understanding of the world around me now. I look ad advertisements, my cable bill and even the operation of my favorite restaurants in a whole new way. Plus, my resume looks pretty awesome with UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School at the top of it.

By Maggie Conner

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