Breaking the mold with Business Essentials

Anupam Dalvi

Anupam Dalvi

A young college student has a number of different options when choosing a potential major to focus their studies on for four years. Although there is no wrong choice per se, there are undoubtedly some majors that are more practical than others. It seems as though after making that decision on a major, you are locked into a particular skill set and if you happen to choose something incompatible with the job world, you are out of luck. This is where UNC Business Essentials comes into play, breaking that mold.

Business Essentials provided me with concrete ways to tangibly add to my skill set and make me a more marketable job applicant. Many students who have not had formal business instruction will have a basic understanding of some concepts or may be excellent interviewers but lack some of the more tangible skills, such as accounting or finance. Those skills are not just innately learned, and having a formal instructor like the ones provided in the Business Essentials program really help to make it more effective.

Students who take Business Essentials receive a comprehensively structured program that helps to even the playing field between business majors and students of other majors. What I found especially meaningful about the overall Business Essentials curriculum is that it not only taught me skills I could put on a resume or talk about in an interview, but it taught me to think in a different way. When reading articles about the economic recession, I was able to analyze the situation through a business lens to see what choices businesses might make to cope with its effects. When hearing about companies turning out negative profits, I was able to critically approach their business model to evaluate where improvements might be well served. These skills come out and make me a stronger candidate for when I look to enter the workforce.

By Anupam Dalvi

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