Build business knowledge on your own time

Eric Branse

Eric Branse

The UNC Business Essentials certificate program offers an extremely flexible, convenient way to build up your business knowledge and skills while enhancing your resume at the same time.

I am majoring in economics and political science with a minor in entrepreneurship, and the Business Essentials certificate complemented my academic experience perfectly with practical skills for the business world. In addition to building up my own skills, the ability to put UNC Kenan-Flagler on my resume was a big bonus.

My favorite part of the program (and the biggest surprise) was the availability of online tutors to explain any problems and to go over the answers to the tests and projects with. That was very helpful when I had a question on a few quizzes.

I found the financial accounting model to be the most educational because regardless of one’s career, having a working understanding of finances and accounting is a crucial business skill. The communication section is also extremely relevant for all majors because no matter what one does, communication and professional appearances are essential to succeeding.

All six modules helped me develop new knowledge and skills, and keep more career options open. The UNC Business Essentials program really does offer a very widespread, relevant business education.

By Eric Branse

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