Business benefits for a biology major

Lauren Sutton

Lauren Sutton

If you have spent any time as a student at UNC (or as a college student in general), you know that balancing extra-curriculars, a job and classes for your major can be quite a handful. I’ve experienced this myself first-hand – over the past three years, I have been performing a constant juggling act, trying to maintain high grades while doing community service and exploring club activities, all in an effort to become a well-rounded and marketable employee after graduation.

One of the greatest things about UNC is that there is truly something for everyone here, no matter your interests. There are also many ways to use varied skill sets in an interdisciplinary fashion in order to accomplish different tasks. The UNC Business Essentials course is a perfect example of this, as it provides a way for non-business majors to learn crucial skills to further bolster their strengths in the workplace.

I was immediately interested in the UBE course once I heard about it, as I felt that achieving my online business certificate would be a great way to gain practical experience in economics, finance and business operations. However, I was concerned about how I would balance an online business course with the mountain of other obligations I had as a biology student. I decided to give the course a try due to my curiosity and desire to learn.

Straightaway, I was very impressed with how flexible the program was in terms of time management. Once enrolled in the UBE course, each student has four months to satisfactorily complete the course. How you pace the completion of work during those four months is entirely up to you. This was a huge plus for me, as it allowed me to work on the course at nights after work or in the mornings before I went to summer classes. There’s also no set timeline of when things must be completed by. This meant that when my family and I went on vacation this summer, I was able to take a week off without worrying about the course and could catch up later.

The course is comprised of six modules and each module is broken up into small units, each with its own quiz. Because the information was packaged into such bite-size pieces, it was easy to sit down and work on the course whenever I got a free second. I didn’t have to worry about having to devote large chunks of time to it all at once, as there was no fear of getting in the middle of a module and then running out of time.

The UNC Business Essentials course is the most flexible online class that I have ever taken. It is definitely feasible for a college student to balance it with other obligations. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to become more competitive as a young professional.

By Lauren Sutton