UNC Business Essentials helps fill in the gaps


Clara Hicks

As a pre-dental student constantly consumed by challenging undergraduate science courses, it’s easy to get lost in the preparation for dental school and forget about the ultimate goal: Owning a private dental practice.

After I took a step back from my undergraduate schedule and considered my future as a practicing dentist, I realized that my education would certainly prepare me for my career, but with one exception: business ownership. This was my equivalent to the moment of panic that many rising seniors experience when they realize they have to face the post-college life sooner rather than later.

Luckily, my fears were allayed when I received a letter in the mail about the UNC Business Essentials Program. It provides the “essentials” of business, including intro to business, financial accounting, economics and finance, marketing, business operations and business communication. These courses provided me with applicable knowledge and the confidence to actually undertake the daunting task of business ownership.

An aspect of the course that I particularly enjoyed was the real-life applications that were integrated into lectures and activities. As a biology and psychology major, I would honestly much rather study amino acid structure or Pavlovian conditioning than economics and accounting. But the interactive activities that incorporated real-world business examples, such as Boeing’s development of the 787 Dreamliner, made the lessons engaging and practical.

The interactive and valuable lessons in the UNC Business Essentials Program helped me learn the material rather than memorize it, which will prove useful when I apply my new-found knowledge as a practicing dentist and business owner. I now face my future with confidence and excitement, and look forward to life in the real world.

By Clara Hicks

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