Business Essentials helps you interpret the world in a new way

Madeleine Kainz

Madeleine Kainz

UNC Business Essentials can be described in many ways on paper, but for me it is more than a new line on my resume – it has changed the way I learn and interact in the business world.

UBE has given me a new sense of confidence in my everyday interactions. I now feel comfortable discussing marketing strategy and balance sheets in detail, something I would have struggled through before UBE.

The course is structured to give students the ability to learn and practice. After studying the vocabulary and concepts, the student is given the chance to write about them in the context of a real-world situation. I really loved this because it forced me to take my interpretation to the next level. The instructor would then email me back, giving me pointers and comments. There was always support for whatever issues I had, which really helped me move past any problems quickly and continue to learn.

Through that practice, I am now able to interpret things happening in the world around me in a new way. This change has given me a step up in many areas of my life, which then leads to a confidence in what I have to say.

Overall, UBE does help a person stand out on a resume. However, it also allows them to shine after they get their foot in the door.

By Madeleine Kainz

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