Business Essentials sets you above the rest

Charlotte Brown

Charlotte Brown

I decided to take the UNC Business Essentials program this summer because I knew that it would improve my knowledge about the business world, while also looking great on my resume. As an environmental science major, I often feel that I do not receive much information about business and economics unless it is to teach me about how much a company is polluting during their production process, or how profit-driven marketing is causing an over-consumption crisis.  My ultimate goal for my career is to be able to bring both of these disciplines together in my own sustainability consulting firm – but in order to do that, I needed to acquire some quality business knowledge.

UNC Business Essentials was the perfect program for me because of its extreme flexibility and various teaching styles. Since it is online, I could complete it any time throughout the day that I was not working, and I was able to save my work and come back later. The format of the program is also easy to use and it applies to all learning styles. Its lectures, notes and graphics create a well-layered course that makes learning about business simple, yet interesting and fun, and the real life applications helped me to visualize how a certain practice or calculation could be carried out in my future business plans.

Besides gaining basic business knowledge that will help young professionals get an MBA or start their own business, UNC Business Essentials is a huge resume booster. Completing this program demonstrates to employers that you took the time off during the summer and dedicated it to furthering your skills and knowledge in hopes of differentiating yourself from your other collegiate competitors in the job market.

The program also looks great because it is offered through UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, which is globally recognized for its quality and prestige. As seen from just a few of the possible benefits listed, this program’s value is immeasurable. Having the UNC Business Essentials certificate sets you a bar higher than anyone else because it shows that you are actively trying to enhance yourself in preparation for the future. This is crucial in today’s post-college world, since everyone is now double majoring with a minor and a concentration, with three internships under their belt and tons of quality references. Anything that you can do to get ahead of the pack is crucial.

This program will open doors for you that were not previously even an option and will get your professional career off the ground by making you confident and proud to talk about your personal education and experience that you gained by taking UNC Business Essentials.

 By Charlotte Brown

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