Complement the major of your choice

Caroline Conner

Caroline Conner

I will always remember the night my freshman roommate came home after taking her first ECON 101 exam. The week before the test, it seemed as though a highlighter and textbook were glued to her arms and she spent her nights gulping coffee down while she made note cards. She had entered “Business Administration” as her perspective major at CTOPS earlier that summer and was dead-set on going through with the major, no matter how challenging she found the classes. She came home from her test devastated and disappointed. She braced for the worst as she checked her exam score online. She opened her squinted eyes just enough to see the “F.” We spent the rest of the night eating ice cream.

I tell this story not as a cautionary tale, but rather as advice. Far too often, the “business administration” major evokes Wall Street, power suits and Don Draper-esque imagery, drawing freshmen in with its allure. Although I have no doubt the major is a perfect match for some, I have seen too many friends realize the major isn’t what is best for their interests and academic future.

What I love about the UNC Business Essentials program is that it allows students to pursue the major of their choice while still gaining valuable and relevant business skills. The program has bolstered my psychology degree by giving me the business tools I need for my career.

For those of you who were worried, my freshman roommate has since completed the Business Essentials program and is happily pursuing a degree in journalism!

By Caroline Conner

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