Confidence and comprehension

Gabby Migliara

Gabby Migliara (UNC ’15)

At my summer internship, I was chatting with a manager about a few of the inner workings of our company. Throughout the conversation, the phrase “accounts receivable” was tossed around. I nodded my head and pretended to know to what my manager was referring. Luckily for me, UBE’s course unit on this topic was next on my list.

Before taking this online course offered by the business school, I was completely unaware of several basic business concepts. As a history and political science major, I was unequipped this summer at my internship when discussing the responsibilities and strategies of business, especially when those responsibilities and strategies were accompanied with business-specific jargon. UBE’s online business certificate program helped me understand the basic concepts of business, which encouraged me to nod confidently the next time my manager discussed accounts receivables.

The confidence this course gave me was noticeable in my day-to-day activities at my internship. Over the course of the summer, I had several “aha!” moments. My aha’s were actually audible; I was so excited to finally understand the phrases and concepts that constantly whizzed over my head. It made me feel so much more at ease with my internship and that I was truly performing at my best.

This online business certificate does more than teach the different structures of business strategy, the ethics of business or how to read a balance sheet. This course instills the confidence in non-business majors to assuredly go out and tackle the business world, accounts receivable and all.

By Gabby Migliara (UNC ’15)