Discussion board offers unique experience


Khaylah Epps

I was extremely timid in starting UNC Business Essentials for a plethora of reasons. The first reason for which I was scared to start the program was due to the fact that I have had no exposure to any business coursework. Although I knew this program was tailored for non-business majors, I still had doubts about my aptitude for business topics. The second reason I was timid to start this program was because I thought that my academic training would not mesh well with the structure of the coursework of UBE. In my field of training we never utilize multiple-choice tests, instead, we prefer to write. With that said, I was not sure if I would find success in a program centered on a final multiple-choice exam. After all, I have not taken a multiple-choice exam since I was a sophomore.

To be completely honest, I am not entirely certain that I even remembered what one looked like before I clicked “start” on the Introduction to Business final exam. Nevertheless, my anxiety was lifted before I reached the final exams because of the final discussion boards that preceded them. I think that the discussion board was an extremely well thought out addition to the UBE program. With the addition of the final discussion board I think that the designers of UBE never lost sight of the population they were catering to. After all, many non-business fields of study are fostered around discussion and writing. The discussion board allows you to not simply regurgitate information you have learned through the course, but rather forces you to APPLY that information accordingly. For this reason, the discussion board was my favorite aspect of UBE because it resonated with the way I am generally tested on information.

I enjoy being able sit and put information into my words and come into consciousness about what information I actually retained, and what information I did not retain from the course. I think that when you take multiple-choice tests you tend to study information in a different manner. Although you are obviously invested in learning the material, during many multiple-choice test you are only responsible for recognizing the correct answer, not producing it. Therefore while studying for a multiple-choice exam, you may find yourself studying to the point where you feel comfortable simply recognizing the information. Contrastingly so, in the discussion board, you are forced to supply an answer using your own words. This enables you to pinpoint what aspects of the course you thought you had grasped fully, but in hindsight you may have not.

Due to the fact that the discussion board preceded the final exams, I always felt confident when it came time for me to take the final exam. The discussion board pinpointed the areas I needed to review so when I entered the final exam I felt extremely prepared. I would definitely say that the discussion board contributed to my success within UBE, and it is for that reason why the discussion board was my favorite aspect of UBE.

By Khaylah Epps