From corporation to non-profit

Non-ProfitI originally decided to take the UNC Business Essentials online certification program because it would ultimately help me with my end career goal of becoming a business lawyer. I thought that since I was not a business major in undergrad that it would be helpful if I could somehow obtain some business knowledge some other way. This program seemed like the perfect thing for me.

UNC Business Essentials ended up doing a lot more than I thought it would. Because this program guides it students through many different types of businesses and some unique aspects about each of them, it really helped me narrow down what type of business I would prefer to work with or for.

It really opened my eyes as to what having business knowledge truly meant. For example, when I first started this program I assumed that I would gain business knowledge about corporations where I would eventually end up working one day. Instead, I discovered that business applies to a large range of different enterprises, companies and markets.

Now I am considering working for a non-profit as a lawyer rather than a large company. Before the UNC Business Essentials online certification program, I had no idea that working at a non-profit also required working knowledge of a business. I am ecstatic to have found this out because I would honestly prefer to work for a non-profit. It just suits me more!

If you are considering taking UNC Business Essentials because you think it will help you achieve your career goals or even if you are just thinking about taking it because you think it would look good on a resume, I can assure you that you will gain so much knowledge from this program – you will not be disappointed. It will give you pertinent business knowledge that can help you no matter what you are considering going into and, as I found out, it is useful to have background business knowledge no matter what field or career you are planning to delve into.  You could even end up switching your career goals because of this program like I did!

By Shaylyn Aschenbrenner (‘18)