How Business Essentials will help me in the workplace

Anna Sturkey

Anna Sturkey

So I’ve reached that age. It’s time to start applying for my first real internship in the big world. I’ve started to check Careerolina regularly and am brushing up on my resume. It’s the brushing up on my resume part that has forced me to be able to articulate how the UNC Business Essentials Program will help me in an office. Here’s a couple things I’ve thought of:

  • I can write a really good email or memo. I know that doesn’t seem like that much of a selling point now, but in the world of business, effective communication is key. Having an entire section devoted to business communication puts me ahead of the game.
  • I can think with the left and right sides of my brain. My humanities major brings creativity and analytical thinking to the table, while my newly acquired business skills bring an understanding of the value of money and operations.
  • I can sell myself. The section on marketing isn’t just about how to market products, it’s about how to think like the person you are talking to. Whether it’s debating an idea in a meeting or getting that first real job, I know I can do it.

I think a lot is expected of young professionals now. We have to be well-rounded individuals who can multi-task and contribute in an organization right from the start. My new business skills will help give me confidence and help meet expectations.

By Anna Sturkey

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