How to refine your resume for the EMBA application

Although most Executive MBA (EMBA) programs don’t require you to create a new resume for the application process, making a few modifications to your current resume can strengthen your candidacy.

Your resume should:

  • Showcase career progression
  • Include time spent in each position
  • Outline the skills you built in the role
  • Quantify results
  • Include leadership outside your current employer

Ready to get started? Check out our EMBA admissions team’s tips for refining your resume for your application:

Illustrate career progression. 

EMBA programs place a significant emphasis on the career progression of candidates. Use your resume to share your career progression through a variety of roles and responsibilities. Using time progression is generally the preferred format.

Include time spent in each position. 

If you have changed roles frequently, use months/years so the review team can understand the actual time spent in each position – this will help the committee understand the promotion timelines. If there is significant length (5+ years) in one position, use the bullets to outline increased responsibility during the time period.

Outline the skills built in the role. 

Committee members are evaluating candidates based on what the candidates will bring to the program. While everyone has areas of opportunity, use your resume to focus on your strengths and how those will benefit your classmates and the program.

Quantify results. 

To provide relative context to your impact on the organization, use quantifiable examples for results. You can consider things such as % increase, $K new business, or 1% error rate. Even things that seem unquantifiable can be re-packaged. Consider 100% project completion rate if you accomplished everything required.

Include leadership outside your current employer. 

This may seem obvious, but many candidates neglect to include outstanding civic organizations and community groups. If you have multiple affiliations, begin with well-known national organizations such as Habitat for Humanity or the Susan G. Komen Foundation.