How UBE opened the job market for me

Chloe Imus (UNC '15)

Chloe Imus (UNC ’15)

What is the first thing on everyone’s mind halfway through senior year? Finding a job or internship after graduation!

Fortunately, UNC Kenan Flagler’s online business certificate program, UNC Business Essentials (UBE), gave me the skills I need to be confident in my job search. As a Hispanic studies and global studies major, many companies might choose to interview someone with a more skill-based resume instead of someone like me with a humanities background.

That’s the beauty of having UBE on your resume. I can apply to any employer or company and immediately be taken seriously as a student with business skills and experience. UBE tells interviewers that you are a candidate with many facets, and that you take initiative to follow your interests and better yourself as a young professional.

UBE opened my job search to so many new options. Most campus recruiters are companies looking for students with business skills, and UBE makes you an ideal, well-rounded candidate for these employment opportunities. The program helps you stand out against a sea of similar applicants. As a non-business major, it shows you are deeply interested in business and are well-versed in the skills needed to hold your own in an office, meeting or interview. From personal experience, I know UBE has gotten me to final interview rounds with money management companies, investment firms, business development analysts and more.

UBE’s business skills are applicable to employment options outside of the business sector as well. Whether you are applying to a journalism graduate program, office assistant position, wishing to work for a nonprofit organization or want be an English teacher abroad, UBE will do nothing but impress recruiters and give you more options for employment. I am so happy that UBE has given me the skills and confidence to widen my employment opportunities to find out where I will fit best.

By Chloe Imus (UNC ’15)

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