Knowledge gained from UBE already being applied


Christopher Felix

As an incoming first-year, I chose my academic path solely based on my interests. I loved the problem solving of biology and chemistry and the creativity involved in music. In addition, I have always had an interest in business, but was unsure how I could balance business, science and music. Ultimately, I chose science and music.

Now, as a senior, I’m looking into many different job routes. I realized that my resume was very science-heavy and I wanted to become more “well-rounded.”

With the UNC Business Essentials Program, I have been able to showcase to future employers that I have the business knowledge to succeed. The program really worked with my schedule, and I was able to complete it this past summer when I was juggling two jobs and interning in Europe.

This semester, I am the Corporate Development Analyst for a consulting firm, and I would have never expected my newly gained business skills to play such a key role in my everyday tasks. Understanding the basics of financial statements and operational management is instrumental, especially when I was charged with the task of presenting my work to our client at their corporate headquarters.

I’m certain that the UNC Business Essentials program helped me both obtain the internship and thrive when completing tasks while on the job. Now, looking for a position after graduation, almost every interview has asked me about my business knowledge and inquired about the Business Essentials Program. After completing the six modules of the program, I can confidently say I have learned the basics of business.

By Christopher Felix

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