Knowledge that can be used immediately


Julie Crimmins

I was working on the Business Essentials program while working full-time at Ogilvy, a public relations firm, exploring Washington, D.C. and getting ready for my senior year at Carolina. I was about halfway through my internship when I finished the module on financial accounting – the module I thought was the most difficult, by the way. I was going through each of the narrated lectures and interactive activities more than once trying to wrap my head around it, and it was finally sinking in. The next day, the interns at Ogilvy were scheduled to go to lunch with Chris Graves, the CEO of Ogilvy Worldwide, who happened to be stationed in our office. As we were eating, someone asked a question about the company’s business model and billing rates. Chris Graves asked if anyone knew what a margin was. I raised my hand and explained it to my peers, because I did, thanks to the module the day before.

For me, it remains to be seen if UBE will help me get a job or better salary after I graduate, but I know it helped me make an impression on a man I wanted to notice my skills. It gives me something to talk about (and the right terminology to use) in interviews when I’m asked how I might justify the costs of PR to a client. The program has made me more confident that I do have the skills to discuss the ROI for a client’s business. And at the same time, the program was flexible and versatile enough that I could do it while also interning and living in a new city.

By Julie Crimmins

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