Learning at my own pace

Chloe Imus (UNC '15)

Chloe Imus (UNC ’15)

I have always wanted to pursue my interest in business, but my schedule never permitted it – until I discovered the flexibility of UNC Business Essentials (UBE).

As a Spanish Language and Global Studies major, business might seem like a topic furthest from my interests – but the opposite should be true for liberal arts majors. Liberal arts majors who have been taught how to think and compile information are most valuable in the business world; they can hold their own in business situations by having the confidence to use business rhetoric and skills. This is exactly what UBE taught me, and it has been a perfect complement to my degree.

The flexibility of UBE is what really allowed me to pursue the program. No matter what your schedule is, committing only a few hours a week to the program allows you to finish with a deep comprehension of business concepts. Whether you are taking classes, working a job, or even out of the country with very limited internet access (as I was), the program is never overbearing.

The course is taught efficiently and effectively so that no prior business knowledge is needed. I began the UBE program with no business experience, but I left feeling satisfied and confident to pursue a much broader range of options for my career. And for that, I am grateful.

By Chloe Imus (UNC ’15)