More than a line on a resume


Caroline Conner

I’m proud to have UNC Business Essentials on my resume. As a psychology major, I’ve grown passionate about how psychological principles and ideas can be applied to everyday life. Not a day passes where I don’t have a thought about how an experience relates to my coursework. My poor roommates have been inundated with lines like “Well, the availability heuristic tells us…”

My liberal arts degree has taught me how to analyze, how to think and how to better work with others. I’m passionate about the subject matter, and my degree is simply something I’m unwilling to change – no matter how many news outlets report its dwindling post-graduation value. I am, however, pursuing a career in business.

So, how does a psychology major navigate the business world? UBE has filled in the gaps where my psychology degree left a void. As a senior on the hunt for full-time work, I am confident using financial rhetoric and asking about pertinent business items in interviews. In fact, UBE was a fundamental talking point in helping me secure a summer internship in management.

For me, UBE is more than a line on my resume. It has given me the confidence, verbiage, knowledge, and practical skills that I need to be successful. And for that, I am grateful.

By Caroline Conner

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