Online format exceeds expectations

S.E. Spencer

S.E. Spencer

People usually take classes online when they want to scrape by with as little effort as possible. Never having taken an online course before, this was my opinion as I started the UNC Business Essentials program this past summer.

Now that I have completed the program, I can honestly say that online classes offer benefits that traditional classrooms sometimes do not. Setting my own pace allowed me to experience the content more fully because I was able to spend more time in areas where I was struggling or that I simply found more interesting. For example, the marketing course was one of my favorites, and I was able to explore the outside readings and get a hold on the material, as opposed to a traditional classroom where I might have to skip over an interesting topic because the rest of the group is moving on.

By completing the UNC Business Essentials Certificate program, I have not only gained knowledge and skills that will make me a more attractive candidate for a variety of positions but have also demonstrated my self-motivation and work ethic. Potential employers will notice that I was able to work efficiently and manage my time well, which are important skills in any career.

The online format was not originally something that drew me to the program, but now it is something I will always emphasize about the program. Sometimes going to class on the couch is better! All joking aside, the UNC Business Essentials online format is an incredible opportunity to gain valuable skills and show potential employers your drive and time management skills.

By S.E. Spencer

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