Practical format = skills gained

When I began the UNC Business Essentials program, I hoped the online format could introduce me to the business world I knew nothing about. I wanted the flexibility of an online business certificate because I knew I wouldn’t have an opportunity to learn business concepts as an undergraduate student with a liberal arts major. Yet, I was skeptical that I could learn something so unfamiliar to me without the stability and routine of a traditional classroom setting. Slightly intimidated by the program’s six modules, I quickly discovered the practicality of everything the UNC Business Essentials program has to offer.

To my surprise, the online classes provided an incredibly practical format for learning the basics of business. Many lessons were taught through narrated visual aids that made it easy to slow down when learning some of the more difficult information. Other lessons included notes, examples and interactive activities that really forced me to engage with the material, and when the lessons did leave me with questions, I was continually impressed with the timely responses of my teaching assistants. Working online at my own pace provided a comfortable environment for me to learn when I could really invest my time into the program.

Not only was the flexible format practical for my schedule, the material covered more than simply an overview of business models and vocabulary. The modules contained information that was instantly applicable to both my personal and professional experiences.  The program gave me practical tools and resources to carry with me into any business environment, and the skills I’ve gained make the business world far less intimidating to a liberal arts student. With its practical online approach, engaging lessons and applicable concepts, the UNC Business Essentials program has easily become one of my most valuable learning experiences at Carolina, and I can already anticipate how helpful it will be after I graduate.

By Katie Yost (UNC ’15)