UBE: Applying business in pharmacy

Mackenzie Dolan (UNC '15)

Mackenzie Dolan (UNC ’15)

I knew that taking the UNC Business Essentials (UBE) courses and receiving my online business certificate would be the competitive edge that I needed to stand out among other pharmacy candidates.

The UBE online business certificate rounded out my resume and demonstrated that I had the aptitude and desire to learn about other disciplines – and it paid off! While interviewing at various pharmacy schools, I was often asked about the UBE program. The admissions faculty were very intrigued by the program and wanted to learn more. I explained about the intensive focus on business knowledge and expanded on the amazing resources that were available – such as the accessibility of UNC Kenan-Flagler graduate students that I could reach out to in order to ask questions or discuss complex topics. I touched upon the business skills that I acquired and how important these skills would be as I pursued my pharmacy degree.

The faculty could tell that the program had prepared me well. They liked that I had an interest and knowledge in another field and could apply my new business knowledge to the field of science when relevant. I also explained how I could use my business acumen in pursuing my personal goals in the pharmaceutical field.

In any profession, it is imperative to be well-rounded and to not just be an expert in one area. In taking the UBE courses and receiving the online business certificate from a prestigious business school, I have become more marketable in such a highly competitive world. Knowing these essentials in business will help me succeed as a pharmacy student and provide me the opportunity to explore other paths within the pharmaceutical field as I attend the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy in the fall.

By Mackenzie Dolan (UNC ’15)

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