Pursue your passion but gain business knowledge, too

Jordan Richardson

Jordan Richardson

UNC Business Essentials is probably the best option for someone who is not a business major or minor. As an undergraduate, there are countless opportunities available at your fingertips and at times, it’s overwhelming to weigh what you should do against what you want to do. Maybe you know that you need business knowledge, but your passion is in American history or music or geology. This is where UNC Business Essentials excels. This program allows you to pursue the major you’re passionate about while still obtaining the business knowledge that is all but required to succeed in today’s job market.

As a communication studies and psychology double major, I had no idea how a business worked. My freshman year, I signed up for an introduction to business course but was so lost (even from the first class!) that I dropped it after two weeks.

That was not the case at all with UBE. Since it is an online course, I was able to go back through any of the parts that I didn’t fully understand the first time around. And the best thing was that I didn’t have to do that as often as I feared I might. The program did a fantastic job of explaining complex things in a way that anyone could understand them.

This program has an extremely high value to young professionals in that it equips them with business knowledge like a business major would be, but they get to pursue their passions as undergraduates. I think that this will give any individual a leg up job hunting.

 By Jordan Richardson

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