Shifting gears in the transportation field

2015-04-21 14.02.16Tesla Motors is single-handedly changing the energy consumption game with its sustainable, high-performing highway transportation technology. And now, Durham startup Organic Transit has developed a sustainable transportation solution for urban areas. The company visited UNC Kenan-Flagler to showcase its electric, light and fun (ELF) solar powered electric bicycle, giving students and staff a glimpse into the future of urban transportation.

With the option to toggle between solar panel-fueled electric power and human-fueled pedal power, ELF vehicles transport riders around town without the noise and emissions of their gas-fueled equivalents. But the ergonomic design does not sacrifice practicality for sustainability, and with a top speed of approximately 30mph, riders do not have to compromise speed as they travel.

In the long run, alternative transportation vehicles like the ELF prevent carbon emissions from entering our atmosphere. Eliminating the need for gasoline also reduces costs, making these stylish bike-car hybrids an attractive option for urban communities and universities.

To create a sustainable planet, everyone must join the effort. Tesla and Organic Transit have paved the way for sustainable alternatives in the transportation field, and this mindset can be applied to other sectors of the economy. Companies in every market can look at the global impact their supply chains and end products have on the environment.

By Patrick White (BSBA ’15, MAC ’16)