Light bulb idea

Small Insights, big results

Light bulb ideaMy experience at UNC-Chapel Hill has been like no other. The amount of growth I’ve experienced, both professionally and personally, still surprises me when I think back to when attending Carolina was only a dream for me.

None of my growth came easily or without persistence. The initial path that I had hoped for before entering college quickly detoured leaving me with nothing but the grit to keep pushing forward. I actively sought things that would position and aid me in getting to my end goal.

One of these things was the UNC Business Essentials program. I had heard small insights about the program and conducted my research, but I thought that it would be a lot to balance while still a full-time student.

Months passed, and I was still thinking of the program and all of its benefits. I am an economics and advertising double major, so I knew some of the core concepts, but I didn’t have extensive knowledge of areas like accounting and supply chain. I didn’t know all the answers on how to write the best business email, and these were concepts I wanted to be knowledgeable on before I began working. So, despite worrying if UNC Business Essentials would be difficult to complete or if I’d have time out to take from my workload, I signed up anyway.

After completing the program, I looked back to how much I had grown professionally. I could use the concepts I learned in the modules and apply it to the work I did during my summer internship at Ernst & Young, and worked in my classes.

I also will be able to rely on the foundation that the UNC Business Essentials provided wherever I go with my future career. The Business Essentials program helped me meet my college end goal of growth and securing a job and taught me core concepts that I believe are necessary to succeed after graduation.

By Da’Jah Anderson-Huff (BA ‘18)