Staying ahead of the competition

Akilah Ffriend

Akilah Ffriend

As a public health, health policy and management major, I knew that knowledge in business would be relevant in whatever career field I choose to undertake. UNC Business Essentials is a program that allows you to go at your own pace while having the end goal in mind: attaining a business certificate from a nationally renowned business school and being able to compete with other qualified students.

Under the UBE program, I took courses on business writing and communication, economics and management, among others. Because everything is online, I set my own schedule, as well as my own pace, which was very important with such a busy summer. Just because it is online, however, doesn’t mean I was left to figure everything out myself. There was a tutor available to answer all of our questions, as well as provide feedback on our short essays. Also, because there was one main link where we asked questions, I was able to also learn from questions other students have asked before me.

UBE offers an invaluable ability for participants to become even better young professionals. With UBE, I am a more fitting candidate for private insurers and healthcare divisions of Fortune 500 companies. Because of how permeable business is in today’s society, no matter what I end up doing career wise, a certificate in business essentials will be useful.

By Akilah Ffriend

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