The language of business and more

 McKenzie Layne

McKenzie Layne

I anxiously sat with 60 other interns at one of the largest advertising agencies in New York City waiting for my team assignment for my summer internship. As a rising senior with a few internships under my belt, I felt relatively qualified for the job but intimidated by the corporate atmosphere. I had just begun working towards my online business certificate through UNC Business Essentials, which not surprisingly proved to be a huge confidence booster during this new chapter of my life.

Each intern’s name before me was called out and placed on different clients’ accounts across the agency. When I finally heard my name, I immediately jumped up and heard, “you will be working with the AT&T B2B team.”

At that moment, a huge smile crossed my face. I had just completed the module in UBE that discusses important business-related vocabulary and every day business acronyms. When I heard this specific account only works with and focuses on AT&T’s business-to-business marketing, I knew abbreviations would be an important part of their communication process. It turns out, I was very right.

I completed orientation with my new manager and shadowed my first meeting that day. I was thrilled I understood the lingo used by my team and, more importantly, my client who I would be working with all summer. Overall, I had the confidence to join in the professional conversation sooner because I was familiar with business terms.

As I finished the modules throughout my summer, they continued to be more and more useful to understand our target audience of small businesses. I was able to gain a deeper understanding of how they work and what’s important to them, which led to me being a more productive employee. UBE helped me to get the most out of my internship and ultimately give me the knowledge I needed to be the best intern I could be.

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By McKenzie Layne