Truly essential skills

Lindsay Miller

Lindsay Miller

I am terrible with numbers. What possible other reason could there be for the decision I made to take 20 hours of class per week this summer while working another 35 hours?

But in all seriousness, I am a bleeding-heart liberal arts major who always figured I could save the world without ever managing a budget. My assumption was extraordinarily incorrect. I have been faced with the challenge of setting and sticking to a budget several times, and each time I have found the task incredibly daunting.

Enter UNC Business Essentials.

Business Essentials offered me education in a skill set that I never would have chosen to study as part of my four-year plan to see the world, learn a new language and graduate college with a “useless” liberal arts degree. Business Essentials offered classes in marketing, business operations, business communications, economics, and – most importantly for me – finance.

Without Business Essentials, I would have been scrambling to figure out budget management on my own, and I likely would have lost job offers to more qualified candidates with business experience.

Equally important, Business Essentials helped me individualize and shape my own education by providing a flexible opportunity to study business without sacrificing any of the time I had committed to studying abroad and taking advantage of other academic opportunities. I was able to take Business Essentials while also being over-committed to work and class.

The skills I obtained from Business Essentials are, as the course name implies, truly essential.

By Lindsay Miller

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