UBE: A recruiter’s interest

Briana Kelly

Briana Kelly

I am a junior majoring in global studies (global health and environment) with a dual minor in Spanish for the professions and philosophy, politics and economics. After graduation, I would like to attend law school. However, there are very few programs that are law-related that are offered to undergraduate students.

Since I have already started my search for internships for the summer, I went to academic advising and also sought advice from the pre-law advisor. They were helpful with introducing me to some new potential internships and programs, but they both gave me the same advice: what I choose to do over the summer does not have to be law-related, since law schools want to see you do something you are interested in. After telling them that I was in the UNC Business Essentials program, they encouraged me to attend the UNC Kenan-Flagler Undergraduate Business Symposium, as well as the career fair on campus.

At the career fair, I met a representative from Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) who told me about their career program. The SEO Career program is dedicated to minority students focusing on business or law who would like to receive training and preparation for careers and internships in their perspective field of interest.

I connected with one of the recruiters and our 15-minute informational interview turned into an hour-and-a-half conversation where we discussed my potential career, schools I wanted to attend and what she thought was interesting about my resume. She was intrigued about the UNC Business Essentials program because she said that it made my resume very diverse, as I have a liberal arts background but also know the basics of business. She was also intrigued with the structure of the program since it is an online business certificate and self-paced. This conversation proceeded with her asking detailed questions about the program, like what I had learned from marketing and the economics and finance section. I was even able to introduce her to some things that I had learned that she was unfamiliar with.

The UNC Business Essentials program is not only great to put on your resume, but it is also advantageous to talk about during an interview because it makes you and your resume diverse.

To learn more about UNC Business Essentials, click here.

By Briana Kelly (UNC ’17)