UBE: A step ahead in applying for jobs


Kristin Foster

As a college senior there is one thing constantly on my mind: finding a job.

It’s no secret that graduating students like me are preoccupied, anxious and maybe even scared over the thought of leaving our college “safe-zone” and entering the real world. Anyone who has ever applied for a job knows that with each open position comes a long list of prerequisites and requirements that candidates must meet. Through my job search up to this point, it has become very clear that business education – such as that acquired through the UNC Business Essentials certificate program (UBE) – gives me a leg-up in the application process.

As a public relations student, many of my potential employers are looking at resumes for internship experience, familiarity with relevant software and strong writing skills. However, many are also interested in candidates with a strong foundation of general business knowledge. As a journalism major that has served in several internships, I have plenty of experience with writing, an extensive portfolio and several recommendation letters to send these employers – but without my learning in the UBE program, I would not have any of the business skills recommended for these positions.

The UNC Business Essentials program gave me a foundation of knowledge on important business topics such as finance, accounting, marketing and business operations. In this day and age, these skills make applicants more prepared for the workings of a real business. Potential employers want their incoming employees to have a working knowledge of not only the field, but also of good business practices. Business training programs like UBE give non-business majors critical skills that can be applied to any field of work they may choose.

The UBE online business certificate has pushed my resume and qualifications over the top compared to what other graduating seniors with similar majors would have. General business education is important to potential employers and gives non-business students a chance to stand out on their resume, acquire better jobs and become a better overall employee in the future.

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By Kristin Foster