UBE: Gaining confidence

Gabby Migliara

Gabby Migliara (UNC ’15)

After successfully nailing a question about my leadership experience during a phone interview for an internship I desperately wanted, I breathed a sigh of relief and took a breath to clear my head. I could sense that my interviewer was scanning my resume. The rustle of paper through the phone and the brief moment of silence were both indications of an incoming question.

“So tell me about this UNC Business Essentials program. What is it?”

I breathed a sigh of relief. After working almost daily over the summer to complete the UBE online certificate program, I knew I could confidently talk about this aspect of my resume.

Having a solid business foundation that includes finance, operations, marketing and communications, I was able to stand out in my interviewer’s mind. This interview was for a marketing internship, and I was able to talk extensively about the module that dealt exclusively with marketing. I discussed how the program gave me an overview of the role that marketing has in a business, as well as general marketing strategies that can be tailored specifically to the internship for which I was interviewing.

The UBE program gave me the confidence to talk about how I can be an asset as a marketing intern. The program taught me the basics of business and gave me the skills to thrive in that kind of environment. I did get the internship offer, and I attribute part of that success to UNC Business Essentials for giving me the business-savvy background I needed.

By Gabby Migliara (UNC ’15)

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