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UBE: Getting my foot in the door

 Tanisha Edwards

Tanisha Edwards

As a first-year law student, the summer job search can be extremely intimidating. Every first year law student around the nation is applying to a limited pool of opportunities. How do you make yourself memorable? How do you become the circle in a room full of squares?

The UNC Business Essentials (UBE) online certificate program was a great way to distinguish myself from other candidates. Understanding the connection of law and business was not only a great conversation starter, but also was essential to know as a lawyer. For instance, corporate law is filled with transactional and banking practices. The knowledge gained from the business certificate gave me the confidence to discuss topics like B2B sales.

The UBE program fits into any schedule and gives you ample time to understand the material. Working 40 hours a week while working on the online business certificate was a breeze because of the program’s flexibility. I was able to strictly work on the weekends and still have time to cook, hang out with friends and enjoy the summer. This is not a class, but an experience that’s more than worthwhile.

As for the program’s content, the materials were easy to print, the videos were engaging and the exams were fair. The tutors were readily available and offered great insight to help understand the material.

The UBE program also caught employers’ attention because the prestigious UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School designed it. With UBE on my resume, I was confident, poised and ready for any question the interviewer would ask.

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By Tanisha Edwards